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sE Reflexion Filter – Margus Jukkum


sE Reflexion Filter

I first read about the sE Reflexion Filter several years ago in the British magazine Sound On Sound. It seemed like a really neat product but as I deal mostly with the recording of location sound for film and television I had no immediate application for it and hence dismissed the idea of purchasing one.


Fast forward 6 years, I get a call from a firm I do a lot of corporate work with. They had to record a voice track by CEO of a Fortune 500 company to lay into a corporate video they were completing. This particular CEO was a very busy guy and insisted on doing the lines at the company’s corporate headquarters. I wasn’t overly enthusiastic on hearing this as I didn’t particularly relish the idea of doing a voice over recording in an untreated room. While casting about for a solution, I remembered the reflexion filter. As luck would have it, Long & McQuade, a retailer of musical instruments and accessories that have several stores in the Toronto area, had one in stock and I snapped it up.


Essentially the sE Reflexion filter is a simple device.


It is a curved perforated aluminum frame that houses various layers of foam and air gaps. It comes with hardware allowing you to mount it to a grip stand.


In the setup pictured here, the microphone is the venerable Schoeps Super CMIT which has become my favorite microphone for recording interviews. Essentially the talent stands before the reflexion filter and speaks into the microphone which is housed in the center of the curved frame. In this fashion unwanted reflections and tonal color  of a given untreated room are minimized. For me in a pinch it substituted for a sound booth and sonically worked better than I could ever have hoped for, given the circumstances.