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About Margus – Margus Jukkum

About Margus


Born: February 17, 1951. Stockholm, Sweden
Graduated from York University in Toronto in 1975 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Film.
Citizenship: Canada/Estonia
Languages: English, Estoinian, un petit peu français.


I was born Feb. 17, 1951 in Stockholm, Sweden, and emigrated to Canada with my parents settling in Toronto. I attended York University from 1971-75 graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in film.

My first professional jobs after university were as a video cameraman and a stills photographer. From there I moved on to a special effects house working as a technician before finding my true vocation in production audio in the very late 1980’s.

Recent documentary film credits have included: “Nature of Things” episode, “The Burrowers,” broadcast on CBC, 3 seasons of “Greatest Tank Battles,” broadcast on History Television, and 3 seasons of “Museum Secrets,” broadcast on History Television.

Recent series credits include: “Carlawood,” Season 1 and Season 2.

Recent dramas and feature films have included: “Margarita,” which had a cinematic release in Canada in the summer of 2013.